🚀 Speed Wins 🚀

When you're building a new product, Speed Wins.

It's easy to get stuck deciding which tools to use, and making bad choices that slow you down. These recomendations will let you start, and stay, fast.

Category #1 #2
Analytics Database (OLAP) Tinybird ClickHouse
CSS Framework TailwindCSS #
Cloud Vendor GCP AWS
Content Planner Airtable -
Data Warehouse BigQuery RedShift
Documentation Framework Docusaurus Nextra
Documentation Language Markdown -
Email GMail -
Frontend Framework (Apps) NextJS SvelteKit
Frontend hosting/deployment Vercel Netlify
Instant Messaging Slack Discord
No-code automation Zapier Make
NoSQL/Document Database Tigris MongoDB
Office Suite Google Drive -
PLG/Marketing Workflows customer.io -
Password Management BitWarden -
Search Index Tigris meilisearch
Shared Storage Google Drive -
Transactional Database (OLTP) PlanetScale Neon
Version Control GitHub -
Video Conferencing Google Meet Zoom
Web Analytics Fathom BeamAnalytics

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